In recent weeks, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has been testing the two new “tow plow” trucks that have the capability to clear snow from two lanes at once.

“One truck driver can salt and plow an area that would normally take two or three trucks,” said Kyle Poat, chief engineer for KYTC District 1. “It improves our snow-clearing efficiency on interstates and parkways while freeing up other trucks to run the two-lane routes.”

When using a tow plow, the vehicle is driven in the passing lane with a traditional front-mounted plow. When the driver activates a hydraulic system, tires on the trailer shift the tow plow equipment to the driving lane and deploy a plow that clears the driving lane. The plow mounted on the tow plow portion of the trailer is much larger than a traditional truck-mounted snow plow.

KYTC asks travelers to be patient as plow operators clear roads because vehicles will not be able to pass the tow plows when they’re in operation. Drivers may spot an escort vehicle following the two plows during the first few snow and ice events.