The Sheik Zayed Road (SZR) in Dubai is the most famous street which, like no other main road in the Emirate, offers convenient access to Dubai to the rest of the UAE. In addition to being a significant transport road, Dubai’s SZR is lined with high-rise towers, corporate offices and residential ventures like luxury villas for sale in Dubai. Sheik Zayed Road is an epic highway in the centre of a bustling city and the symbol of the UAE. It is important to evaluate certain of the pros of Sheik Zayed Road before making your decision if you’re thinking of moving here. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

You can choose from a wide array of properties to live here

Do you fancy a wonderful panoramic view of Dubai?? To own or rent an apartment in the tallest buildings that have ever been constructed in the town at Sheik Zayed Road is a treat, to put it lightly. The business demand for properties in the region is always elevated considering its ideal position. There are therefore several choices if you are searching for a residential unit there. Leading developers strive still, by providing outstanding properties with excellent facilities, to exceed their competition.

For those who want rental apartments near the city centre, SZR is pretty popular. units with 4-bedroom units are available for rent on Sheik Zayed Road. You would be able to find decent accommodation, whether you want to live here alone or with a family.

The majority of apartments on SZR have a  pool, a playground, children’s play areas, covered parking and barbecue areas.   Some apartments also have impressive views of BurjKhalifa.

You can get a good return-on-investment

Given the area’s success, attractive returns can be expected from those who invest in properties on Sheikh Zayed Lane. This is one of Sheik Zayed Road’s biggest pros. In addition, SZR is also one of the hottest residential areas for local and foreign stakeholders, because of the central location. In fact, some company owners regard the road as an icon that gives their companies importance.

An ideal location for working people

Sheik Zayed Road is also a decent residential choice for professionals finding accommodation near their jobs. Having an apartment in SZR also brings working people close to the big business centres of Dubai, such as the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and Business Bay, a perk for expatriates who are focused on short trips to their offices.

It is well connected with the neighbouring states

Sheik Zayed Road, which connects residents with other states, is one of the key UAE highways. Those that want to move quickly and conveniently to Abu-Dhabi can take the road to get there in less than an hour on average. Similarly, northern emirates such as Ras Al Khaimah are reachable in one and a half hours depending on traffic conditions. Though it takes less than an hour for Ajman or Umm Quwain. Thus it is doubtful that a difficult and exhausting trip would be an issue if you take this road, whether you would fly for work or see a family member.

Public transport is easily accessible

Sheik Zayed Road is also heavily reliant on Dubai Metro. Most of the Dubai Red Metro stations are currently situated on SZR. Similarly, on and around SZR, there are many bus stations. Though RTA taxis, services from Uber andCareem are all readily accessible at any time. Ease of travel connectivity is surely one of Sheik Zayed Road’s main advantages.

Wide range of restaurants are available

The abundance of restaurants and cafes make it an ideal location for the residents as well as tourists that reside here. Moreover, SZR is a total paradise to those of us who enjoy dining daily, due to the access to foreign restaurants offering food from around the world. Fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, KFC and Subway are constantly scattered along this epic road.

We hope that the following guide will be of some help to you if you are trying to settle near Sheikh Zayed Road. To get all the amenities of daily life, you can also choose from City Walk apartments for sale to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.